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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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donald trump is making me gain weight. i start the day with liquids but in afternoon i eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup. >> there's a lot of anxiety that needs to be absorbed by the liberal community. >> there you go. that does it for us. risk and reward starts now. >> it is the president' the president's solemn duty to protect the american people. and president trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe. as security continues to evolve and change, commence dictates that we continue to evaluate and change the systems that we rely upon to protect our country. >> more than 300 people according to the fbi who came here as refues are under an fbi investigation today for potential terrorism-related activity. we cannot compromise our nation's security by allowing
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visitors entry when their own governments are unable to or unwilling to provide the information we need to vet them responsibly. this executive order responsibly provides a needed pause, so we can carefully review pow we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern. >> we are not immune to terrorist threats and that our enemies often use our own freedoms in generosity against us. unregulated, unvetted travel is not a privilege, especially when national security is at stake. . liz: an all-new refugee pause to keep americans safe. top cabinet officials oversee national security announced the new revised executive order today. as congressional sources reveal that the fbi has more than 300 terrorism investigations on refugees who are already here in the u.s. and more details on the obamacare repeal and replace
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bill expect this hour. we're going to bring you that as soon as it breaks. welcome to risk and reward i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. president trump signing a new executive order today temporarily blocking refugees from now six countries. iran, somalia, sudan, yemen, syria, and libya. the new order takes iraq off the 30-day pause. there's also no longer an indefinite ban on syrian refugees and the pause for syrians now last 120 days. the new order excludes green card holders and anyone that had a valid visa before the first executive order issued. there's also no religious preference. this all goes into effect march 16th, giving travelers, airlines, and airports ten dawes to prepare. 's cabinet members promising this roll out will be much smoother this time. >> the state department will coordinate with other federal agencies and implement these temporary restrictions in an orderly manner.
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>> i have spent much of the day today on the phone with members of congress, the leadership explaining th theins and outs, so there should be no surprises whether in the media or capitol hill. liz: let's bring in lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, good to see you. three cabinet secretaries, tillerson and sessions came out with the announcement. do you think this rollout is better coordinated this time around? >> well, absolutely. it's a pleasure to be with you, liz. you know, i'm liking this as much of a track meet you have the first 100-meter dash, and you have a false start, and you get to to go back on the blocks. and the second time you get eliminate. what we saw the first time was not coordinated between the staff agencies of the trucking hatrump administration and to include the capitol hill the house and the senate republicans or even the democrats. so now they've gone back to the drawing board, and it was
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done the right way. you have those three cabinet secretaries who are parts of the agencies of responsibility that show ordination, show that they understand duties and responsibilities. and the better thing is that if you're in the air right now, you don't have to worry about what happens when you land. this is about the optics so that you don't have the sensationalism that we saw that saturday what? about a month or so ago. liz: colonel, democrats still wrongfully call it a muslim ban. the media's reporting like that too. but do you expect lawsuits over this still? >> well, i don't think you're going to be able to have lawsuits because this is very well thought out. and, again, you understand the reasons why it's being done, and you understand the constitutional authority and also the u.s. code, the legal authority of the president to do this. so if you continue to go back to the same well and continue to use those same negative monikers, all it's doing is showing you're not adjusting -- much of the same we saw a lot of the members of the democratic party somewhat
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embarrassed last tuesday nigh n. liz: colonel, the obama administration said that they do rigorous and exhaustive vetting of refugees. but we're hearing, we're tracking reports that there was a glitch that occurred that intelligence authorities did not open attachments in e-mails, so they let refugees in. these attachments could have had criminal arrest records for the refugees, their e-mail contacts and the like. 300 refugees under terrorist pros now, about 900 plus in the 50 states. the fbi's concern now about terror attacks here is worse than 9/11 at that time. what do you think? >> well, absolutely. when the fbi's telling you you have 300 individuals that are under terrorist investigation, remember on 9/11 it only took 19 to cause 3,000 americans to lose their lives. and let us not forget about tashfeen malik who was one half of the san bernardino shooting duo who came here to the united states of america lying on her fiancé visa and
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no one was tracking that. no one backtracked her address. and 14 americans lost their lives that day and another 21 are forever discard and wounded. so we need to have these very discipline, very strict procedures because it's about protecting the american citizen. liz: and now to president trump's assertion that president obama tapped the phones at trump tower, leading up to the election. it's a claim that has been hotly disputed. senior white house adviser kellyanne conway telling our own maria bartiromo that a quote double standard is at play here. >> this also goes to a double standard about anonymous sources. you know, people are so quick to judge the president and demand specific information from him, he who has intelligence and the information that the rest of us lack and rightfully so. but anything that's positive for the president based on so you went sourcing very quick to dismiss. if it relies upon information that's negative. and derogatory towards the president.
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liz: all right. colonel, the house and senate intelligence committees will likely ask him about the wiretap. but, colonel, let's just back up. there's a lot of ramping speculation and accusations flying around. first this is about computer traffic between servers at russian banks talking to computer servers in trump tower and there was a fisa warrant to tap that. and, you know -- but there's speculation on both sides that the trump administration when they werin campaign mode were in cahoots of russia and obama himself ordered wiretapping. there's that side of the story. but, colonel, there's a bigger story at play under leaks under president trump. we have former fbi director james saying trump is under 363-degree attacks from all sides. he doesn't have his own people in there yet. >> i think that's the real issue. and i have to be very honest, i'm really over all of this back and forth about russia and elections and wiretapping. you know, north korea just shot off four ballistic
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missiles and japan is on a high state of alert right now. we have to get the 3, 4% gdp growth. we need to talk about how we're going to reform the health care system and protect americans as we should. and those are the types of things we need to be concerned about instead of this back and forth. so when you look at what happened last tuesday night, you know, president trump laid down his agenda and of course in the ensuing days people try to shift the narrative and then the president shifted the narrative again, so we're not even talking about his joint -- his address of the joint session to congress last tuesday night. that's what we need to be back to. that's what the american people want to see happen. we don't need to spend anymore money on investigations on silly back and forths. let's get to doing the business for which he was elected to take care of the american people, restore our economy, rebuild our military capability capacity, and make sure that we can once again produce, consume, and export energy resources here in the united states of america. liz: thank you, colonel allen west. come back soon. we love having you go on the show.
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>> my pleasure, liz. liz: and stick around, we have larry claman pointing out while obama's director of national intelligence clapper denied the wiretaps. but back about four years ago, clapper also admitted that he did not tell congress the truth about the nsa's massive phone data collection of regular americans. larry claman still does not trust mr. clapper. next up, only a couple hours after its release, democrats already calling the new white house refugee pause a quote muslim ban. minority leader senator chuck schumer tweeting this. to be clear, this is only an updated muslim ban. it still makes us less safe. it's mean spirited and un-american. even the media continuing to press the point that the six countries listed are muslim majority, even iraq was dropped. let's look at the ap tweeting. new travel ban for six majority muslim countries. and pr saying quote trump signs new order blocking rivals from six majority
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muslim countries. let's take this to the president of the american islamic forum for democracy. look who's here. dr. zuhdi jasser. doctor, why is the focus back on this being quote a muslim ban? >> well, because that's all the democrats and the left have in their arsenal to counter. all they want to do is counter anything that the trump administration comes up with. and they use us muslims as a prop, as a identity politic, and they don't want to look at the rationale behind it. they want to ignore the fact today about these over 300 individuals that are being followed by the fbi that are refugees, ignore the facts in europe and others. i mean, it's just absurd. and i can tell you frankly, i'm tired of it as a muslim. i believe there's nothing more pro muslim than us telling our country, telling american citizens that we will vet against jihaddists, against islamists. but welcome in those muslims who are seeking freedom and liberty. liz: you know, doctor, it's interesting in the past. democrats have said, yes, pause refugees from countries
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that are openly hostile and have plotted where their nationals have plotted terrorist attacks. chuck schumer asked for that back in 2015 after they attacked in paris. he said we should pause refugees. and now as you point out 300 refugees, the target of fbi terror and what are your thoughts? >> well, they were trying to be the right of then president obama in trying to say that they weren't going to bring in everybody who the obama administration wanted to bring in. so now they're continuing to ignore the rational approach as americans and that is the privilege to come here. i have family in syria. i'm glad that it's on the pause list and and not on the permanent list. i do think that it is important that we realize that these six countries are countries whose governments are unreliable, they're chaotic, they're not allies. we can't trust them, and i hope this is the first step in a long journey in which, liz, we start to look at vetting against ideologies that we not
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even talked about. we haven't been able to talk about jihadism, islamism, the brotherhood mantra, et cetera, that we need to start vetting against. that i hope this is the first step. liz: doctor, you make a good point. we are not vetting on ideologies; right? >> we're not. their current vetting process is about whether they belong to a terror group. whether they support isis, et cetera, and even with that, the statistics in europe are the 20% had sympathies for isis, though, they never belong to anything. but those sympathies should certainly never bar them from coming to the united states. so that sympathy comes from global movements such as the islam brotherhood, islamist movements, those are things that are ideologies. and, by the way, it's not just islamist groups. i hope any fascists regimes, chinese communist supporters i hope we would not welcome. so it's very american to vote against theocratic, autocratic
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ideologies. liz: dr. zuhdi jasser, thank you very much for joining us. come again soon. >> thank you. liz: in berkeley, california, here's what happened. antitrump rioters showed up. coming up we have a pro trump mother of four. she wound up right in the middle of it. eva peters speaks out. that's next. and we have this for you. over 300 companies now bidding to build president trump's wall, including companies run by hispanics and women. it is a multibillion dollar it infrastructure plan democrats should love. thousands of new jobs. well, think again. democratic minority leader chuck schumer now promises he's going to do all he can to block it. coming up former arizona governor jan brewer is here to respond. that's coming up. don't go away. trump: we're going to build a
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trump: it's been a little over a month since my inauguration, and i want to take this moment to update the nation on the progress i've made in keeping those promises. since my election, ford, fiat chrysler, general motors, sprint, soft bank, lockheed, intel, walmart, and many others have announced that they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the united states and will create tens of thousands of new american jobs. [applause]
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[applause] . liz: house minority leader nancy pelosi joining democrats in reducing to applaud job creation at the president's address to congress last week. today over 300 companies now bidding to build the border wall. many of them run by hispanics and women. it's a multibillion dollar project that's estimated to create thousands of new jobs. this as the new report says another democrat senate minority leader chuck schumer plans to block it. nexgut says senator schumer is hoping to demolish an essential feature of president trump's political identity. the border wall. safety. job creation. with me now, look who's here. former arizona governor jen brewer. good to see you, governor. so is it more important for democrats to block donald trump than create jobs and
5:19 pm
safety? >> absolutely not, liz. we're talking about the left just being obstructionist. they don't care about their safety, and they're job killers. i really believe the direction in which they're going that they're going to have to answer to the people of the united states. it just goes on, on, on. . liz: and, governor, you've seen this story, i'm sure. dozens of illegal immigrants from central america. they're in possibly the most violent gang now in this country. the ms13 gang. they're charged in a cross-country killing spree murdering people. we're going to show some video right now two of them smiling and waving in a houston courtroom. i mean, this is what president trump is trying to avoid; right? i mean, seven teenagers killed here in long island. >> absolutely. that's exactly what he's trying to do. he's trying to protect the american people from these kind of criminals that are allowed to come into our
5:20 pm
country. it's absolutely ridiculous, and it's disgusting, and it's revoking, and obviously they're behavior is very wicked. liz: governor, we're going to show another image. i would like you to weigh in. a politician from mexico. here's what he did. he was trying to illustrate how the u.s. border fence is weak, and we're showing images right now, governor, of this politician sitting on top of the wall. he says it's totally absurd. but what this politician from mexico didn't say is how he got up there. he didn't post any photos or video footage. so, in other words, mexican politicians continue to attack it. democrats continue to attack the border fence. where is the discussion about the crime that it could help stop? >> well, they certainly do not talk about the crime. they just stand out there, and they shout, and they mock the international laws. they mock the border, the international border, and they
5:21 pm
mock the american safety here in the united states. it's disgusting to see an elected official of another country disrespect the laws of another country. we as americans if we travel to another country, we certainly don't behave that way. when in rome, do as the romans do, i was always taught. obey the laws. liz: governor, always great to see you. come back soon. we love having you go on the show. >> thank you so much. liz: sure. breaking news, we're getting new details about the republicans' obamacare replacement bill. let's go right to gerri willis. here's here with the details. gerri. >> hey, liz, yeah, we're getting new details on the tax credit, which as you know is the most controversial part of the obamacare replacement package. and what we're hearing is that the new new version of the obamacare replacement would tie those tax credits not just to age, which is what they originally said they would do, but also tincome. so that would be very
5:22 pm
controversial indeed. it might be cause for objection to many conservative republicans who have already weighed in saying they don't like the idea of a tax credit in the first place. as you recall, senator rand paul has weighed in saying he doesn't like a tax credit. the house freedom caucus, the republican study group, and now other groups, republican groups, conservative groups weighing in, including heritage action, the club for growth, and freedom partners, which of course is the coke brothers. so this would be a very different idea entirely and something very interesting, indeed. this was first reported, i should say, in the washington post. i've been able to confirm that with my own sources. that's what we're hearing from them. but just to repeat so you get the details here, the tax credit that would be used in obamacare so that people could afford to buy some of these health insurance plans, it wouldn't just be based on age, which is what they've been talking about all along, the republicans. now it would be based on both age and income. and let me just add quickly.
5:23 pm
this has been a real thorn in the side of running obamacare for some time because it's really hard to keep up with, and it can cause concern trying to manage this program going forward. again, we report the details as they come out tonight, and we're expecting more, liz. liz: yeah, gerri, it's also fraud. that's what the conservatives are concerned about. a new entitlement program that's built on tax credits that could cause fraud; right? >> well, you make a very good point because tax credits are often the source of fraud. we often have problems with fraud, all kinds of folks claim that they're owed a tax credit because you don't have to pay taxes to get a credit; right? it's better than a dollar for dollar return on your taxes. it's actually you get a refund. so that's -- that's why it's so controversial, indeed. liz, back to you. liz: money right out the door. gerri, thank you very much. appreciate it. james clapper speaking out against donald trump saying
5:24 pm
there wasn't a wiretap of donald trump or his campaign aids put in there by the obama administration or president obama. however, my next guest says clapper cannot be trusted bause he admitt to not telling the truth about the nsa's massive collectio of american phone data and more. he should know about that because he won the lawsuit against the nsa. look who's here. freedom watch and judicial watch founder larry claman. he joins me next. don't go away. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> we did not include any evidence in our report that had any reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. >> it doesn't exist? >> not to my knowledge. liz: that's former director national intelligence james clapper denying that the obama administration wiretapped donald trump or his campaign before the election.
5:28 pm
back in 2014, clapper actually misled congress about swaling millions of americans, even though he got that question in advance about that issue from senator ron wyden. listen. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly. liz: james clapper later admitted that, yes, the nsa does, in fact, collect data on americans on their phones, possibly e-mails. in fact, the nsa can track our phones right now, according to judge napolitano. let's bring in the attorney who won one of the most, if not the most important lawsuits against nsa data collection. he's freedom watch founder larry claman. judge, what do you make of james clapper is now saying?
5:29 pm
>> well, what he's saying is obviously false. you know, that was under oath. if it had been you or me, liz, we would be at a minimum indicted for perjury. and the fact that he was head of national intelligence illegally swaling millions of americans would get you in jail probably for the rest of your life. and if you look at his demeanor yesterday when he was on television being interviewed, he's looking down. he's not looking at the camera. i mean, the guy -- his eyes were shifting faster than howdy duty. but the real issue here is that it shown that the cia and nsa had done mass surveillance against individuals. it's also been shown that there were fisa warrants presented for the foreign intelligence surveillance court. they did concern president trump and his then staff that was trying to be elected president and thereafter. they got into general flynn's communications, forcing him to resign, and it's say shame that he had to. he shouldn't had to resign.
5:30 pm
i think the president made a mistake on that and perhaps they'll come back later. but the reality of this is that this has been going on. it's extremely credible. and there's no doubt that president trump has been wiretapped. if everything that came out even just a portion of it is true, it would confirm that he's been wiretapped. liz: larry, i'm so sorry. i called you judge. i'm referring to judge napolitano. >> i'm flattered. liz: but you did win that lawsuit. judge napolitano says the nsa tracks our phones right now. you say that there's no doubt that the nsa or the obama administration wiretapped the trump campaign and donald trump himself. why do you say there's no doubt? >> because we know what happened to general flynn. okay? those were intercepted communications. we know that there were fisa warrants presented to the secret court that apparently were granted. we know that the intelligence agencies, and i have a client
5:31 pm
we talked about last time i was on, dennis montgomery, a whistle-blower who has more information than edward snowden who came forward to the fbi, 400 hard drives, 600 million pages of information. some of it classified. i've never seen it happen. the fbi has it. montgomery testified under oath. he was videotaped. he has a brain aneurysm, so he preserved the evidence. director comey has this information. and what they were doing is mass surveillance, not just hundreds of millions of americans. but the supreme court chief justice john roberts, other justices like ginsberg, 156 judges. president trump before he became president as a businessman was surveyed, and i was even surveyed in 2007. they got my banking records down in miami. so we know that this course of conduct has occurred. and there could be no doubt, given everything we've seen in the last few weeks that has been happening with the trump administration. liz: larry, wikileaks claims that the nsa under obama
5:32 pm
wiretapped and spied on more than a dozen people, including world leaders like germany's angela merkel, france, italy, israel netanyahu, top eu economic officials apparently spied on by the obama administration. including journalists like fox news james rosen and the associated press. what are your thoughts? >> part of a pattern of conduct. now, i've asked the judge to move forward in our case to trial. we've got preliminary junctions. we did win on the major issue of whether this was the constitutional violation of fourth amendment. now we want a trial. and i want to bring this stuff forward to judge richard leon. a very fine judge in washington d.c. in federal court, and we're asking for an emergency hearing. this judge has the ability in camera to confirm what president trump has said. he's got a security clearance. so i'm confident that this judge will take this issue up. we can't trust congress. they've done nothing before. what did they do when clapper lied? nothing. this has to be handled by a court. and it has to be handled by
5:33 pm
the court and cases we brought. >> larry claman, always great and terrific to have you on the show. please come back soon. we love having you go on. >> mutually. liz: ten arrested, three injured at a march for trump rally in berkeley, california, as antitrump rioters collided with peace rally. a mother of four ended up right in the middle of it. but first the fallout continues. more democrats have been in touch with russia's ambassador. >> you've been in congress a little bit. and you're in leadership. have you ever met with the russian ambassador? >> not with this russian ambassador, no. liz: turns out nancy pelosi's wrong there. she will get to show you the proof how nancy pelosi did meet with the russian ambassador after this. don't go away.
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. liz: democrat minority leader nancy pelosi denied ever meeting with russian ambassador sergey can . but then this picture surfaced with the russian ambassador shows pelosi in 2010 meeting with then russian president. the russian ambassador is right across the table from nancy pelosi. but when confronted with that evidence, nancy pelosi still denied it. >> the question is have you met with him? no, i haven't met with him. i met with the president of russia. who else is in his entourage?
5:38 pm
who knows. president's heads of state, they barrel even introduce them. so it is completely, completely different. liz: let's take this to the political panel. joining me now republican strategist and democrat strategist brad bowman. does it depend on what the meaning of the word met is? >> you know, the problem for the democrats is they really need a new face to their party. as long as we're talking about nancy pelosi, it's just not the future they need to be looking towards. and she's splitting hairs over whether or not she met him. nancy pelosi has been in politics long enough to know who's in a entourage and what meeting is. so this is just another example of democrats really struggling to change the narrative here. and they're really struggling to gain any ground on donald trump because they can't get over -- get out of their own way. >> nobody's straining here. liz: just stay with me one second. okay? >> sure. liz: and it's good to see you. we love having you go on the show. >> thank you.
5:39 pm
liz: jeff sessions, he should have testified that he did meet with the diplomat. but the meeting back in july was also anent traumati an entourage of 100 people, being accused of meeting with the russian diplomat. so that's an entourage there. why is he being tagged with that and nancy pelosi is now denying that she also met with the ambassador? >> so first, jeff sessions was meeting with the ambassador for russia as an agent of donald trump -- liz: no, we don't know that. no, we don't know that. >> well, wre pretty sure. liz: speculation and an assumption. >> even if it is an assumptio a. liz: step back. >> i'll step back. we know for a fact that other agents of donald trump's campaign did, in fact, meet, for instance, his former national security adviser who met with the russian ambassador as a private citizen. so that's a very different
5:40 pm
thing than having an official dinner with the president of russia and other members of the -- of his entourage. liz: all right. kevin, here's the thing. i hear what brad's saying. but a lot of what's being talked about is speculation. we don't know what was discussed between trump people associated with the trump campaign and the russians. nobody has any information on that. it's speculation. and it's actually factual incorrect to say that there was any assertion made or anything that went on between the trump administration and russia. even james clapper is denying, and democrats are saying we don't see any proof in anything that happened. but we have senator also denying that she met with the russian ambassador, and she did. what do you think of that? >> well, it's it's the democrats not getting out of their own way. i didn't say they didn't have an opportunity to point out things that donald trump has done or campaign officials did with russia. the problem is every time they're pointing it out, it
5:41 pm
comes back to them. and there's issues of a double standard that happens all the time with democrats. and as long as they can't find opportunities to point out things that president trump has done, they haven't done themselves, i don't see how they have any moral high ground to push any of this narrative forward. liz: brad, i'll give you the final word. nobody wants any interference by any country in our election process. there's no proof, though, that the vote was hacked. there's no proof at all. brad, i'll give you -- then we do have is two intelligence communities looking into this. go ahead, brad. >> so we can't have it both ways here. you can't say that a fisa court weighed in and actually wiretapped trump without credible evidence and then say there's no credible evidence there. and secondly, i think there's a pattern behavior on behalf of the trump administration and all of his close advisers. they're not acting like a group of people who don't have something to hide. and if they didn't, maybe we should have an independent investigation. z: maybe we should. kevin and brad, thank you so much for your time. really appreciate it. >> thank you.
5:42 pm
liz: pro trump rallies held across the country this weekend. not all were respected by the opposition. ten arrested. three injured at a march for trump rally in berkeley, california. antitrump rioters collided with peaceful rallies there. a mom of four ended up right in the middle of it. next. don't go away. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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[screaming] . liz: ten arrested, three injured at a march for trump rally in berkeley, california. antitrump rioters collided with the peaceful rallies. it's a star contrast to thel prp rallies held across the country this weekend. my next guest is a mother of four. she's a trump supporter. she was caught in that protest. eva peters joins me now.
5:46 pm
eva, what happened? >> hi, liz. well, you know, i got there and a lot of people were trying to just talk to me and try to engage in some conversation. but then most of the protesters were coming up to me and throwing the f bomb. f you. f trump. they were very rude. asking me why i like trump. he's a racist. that means i'm a racist. telling me to get out of berkeley. i don't belong there. it was incredible. people were throwing smoke bombs. they were getting in my face telling me that trump was a racist and a fascist. a few feet away from me there was a lady, she had a trump hat on and somebody ran up behind her, grabbed her hat, and she tried to run after him.
5:47 pm
and somebody hit her in the back of the head with a stick. she was on the ground. people were trying to kick her. and quickly the trump supporters ran to her and surrounded her until the police came to come and take her away. it was just unreal. they -- i don't know what they're trying to accomplish. they're not really accomplishing anything except for making themselves look bad and progressive why trump won the presidency. liz: eva, this is so dangerous. someone could have been seriously hurt, if not worse. and i think you say that the police were not helping to protect the pro trumpers in the beginning of this rally. is that what you were saying? >> oh, no, you know, the police were kind of standing in a line watching. they didn't want to get too involved, unless it became violent. and when it did become violent, they did come in, and they did try to protect the victims, and they did make
5:48 pm
arrests. but they weren't trying to get too involved. they just wanted us to have our protest and our march. liz: you know, eva, we've had people on our show who went to these pro trump rallies. they support the president. they've been hit with eggs. they've had their coats slashed. you know, one gentleman had his limousine set on fire. he's a small business man. that happened at the dc inauguration. protest there. is there anything, just putting it out there, for the record, anything coming from the pro trump rallies that warrants the type of violence that these antitrumpers create? i mean, they're all about tolerance. and they're supposed to be environmentalists. but they're destroying property. what are your thoughts? >> exactly. no, the trump people are not doing anything but just standing there with their signs. they were being very an
5:49 pm
antaniic. very intimidating towards us. just wanting to start a fight. and they look like they're peep that were wanting to fight and cause trouble. and the trump people were very peaceful just standing there talking amongst each other and talking amongst other, you know, protesters who were calm and wanted to actually engage us and learn why we voted for trump. but, you know, it's just unreal. they're angry, and they have signs saying no hate but yet they were being the hateful ones. liz: eva, so good to have you on. we're glad you you're safe. this is a potentially dangerous situation that could get out of hand. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you. liz: coming up homeless people who have high medical bills.
5:50 pm
we want to take care of our homeless people, of course. my next guest, he's a democrat, he has a solution. give homes to homeless people. he's a senator out of hawaii. he's dr. josh green here to explain. next. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . liz: the state of hawaii, they've got a problem right now. they have a group of homeless people racking up high medical bills on the taxpayer's dime. my next guest, he's an emergency room doctor. also a democrat. he's sparking a lot of debate. he has legislation. he wants to give doctors the ability to prescribe homes to homeless people. hawaii state senator josh green joins me now. doctor, did i get that right that you were an emergency room doctor, and you -- i've got to hand it to you.
5:54 pm
you've been on the front lines. you've seen this problem with homeless people. how did you come up with this bill? >> well, i just got off a 48-hour shift. i see it every day for 17 years i've been an er doc for 12 years in the senate. so i've seen people come and go from the er over and over again that have chronic homelessness. they spend an incredible amount of medicaid resource but don't get better. they usually have drug addiction, and we really have to reform the system. liz: doctor, one of hawaii's top homeless advocates is the institute of human services. they don't like the bill. they don't like what you're suggesting. they're not just doctors to have the expertise that prescribe houses, but they're saying that healthier homeless people would take the advantage and drain the system of taxpayers, and you say? >> no. that's not true. although i do work with them very closely. have a lot of respect for them. i'm talking about the most
5:55 pm
severe chronically illness. that's people in my definition who have been homeless for more than six months that have medical -- they have behavioral health problems. they've got disabilities like drug addiction and mental illness. that's about 1,800 of our 9,000 homeless. about 20%. that percentage consumes on average $120,000 per year of health care. the important thing, and this is why i think fiscal conservatives have liked my bill in general is that when we see what happens when you put someone into housing, their health care costs drop 43%. that's in hawaii. drop 55% in a city like see that. so we can save tens of millions of dollars and actually invest it in other services for those other people. liz: but, doctor, this homeless advocacy group say they still don't like your bill. i'm sorry i'm just very fair journalism here. they're saying if you give mentally i will people housing, nine out of ten will walk away and go back outside. so why not just focus on using taxpayer dollars on assisted living or group homes instead? >> we'll do both.
5:56 pm
the truth is some people won't avail themselves to this solution. but even if we have a all incremental improvement, we'll see ny millions of dollars that will get saved and better infested. and, you know, it's kind of a -- it's a very difficult problem. the most difficult people to treat i can tell you as a doctor are people with mental illness and drug addiction. but if we can even help just one out of 10 people, we'll save millions of dollars and reinvest in those programs. liz: are there homes worth $20,000 in hawaii? >> yeah. so rentals for housing -- and, by the way, this is not a new concept. we're doing housing first all across the country and everybody knows this works. liz: understood. >> we never have enough money to invest in it. so it cost $18,000 with the wrap around services to put someone in housing in hawaii. liz: all right. hawaii state senator dr. josh green. thank you for your time, sir. >> i appreciate it. thank you. liz: next up, it is monday, so that means there's an all-new strange inheritance show tonight. we've got the details next. this is the silverado special edition.
5:57 pm
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. liz: new details about the republican obamacare replacement bill coming up next. stay right here. making money charles payne is next. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. breaking news for you right now. we're just receiving details of the republican replacement for obamacare. our own peter barns is in dc with the details. peter. >> that's right, charles. i'm just reading these details myself right now. the republicans are calling this -- these are the house republicans calling this the american health care act, and it would include some of these things that has a sustainability fund for the states to allow coverage to continue for people who i believe are at high risk. there is broader entitlement reform as part of this, a per capita a lotment in medicate. the plan freezes in enrollnt


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